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Access Payday Loan

Access Bank Pay­day Loan: Every­thing You Need To Know

What is access bank pay­day loan, the very first ques­tion that you will ask. Right here, i’ve made it sim­pler just to make you under­stand what the pay­day loan is all about, and how it works.

This is one of the fastest way of col­lect­ing a loan from access bank, no col­lat­er­al required at all.

To make it lot eas­i­er for the bank cus­tomers, you can per­form the trans­ac­tion from your mobile phone with­out need­ing to use the inter­net.

All you’ve to do is to dial the *901*11# and you’re good to go.

What is Access Bank Pay­day Loan

Accord­ing to the bank, Pay­day Loan is an instant loan prod­uct for cus­tomers (both salary and non-salary earn­ers).

With Pay­day Loan, you can bor­row mon­ey at low inter­est rate with no doc­u­men­ta­tion or col­lat­er­al need­ed.

See­ing this does­n’t entails that you can apply for it, if you don’t have an account with the access bank, No Way. Even if you have an account with the bank, it isn’t just for all to apply as there are some restric­tions imposed on the access bank pay­day loan.

The ques­tion is who are eli­gi­ble for this pay­day loan??? 

Those that receives their month­ly salary through Access bank plc, and and cus­tomers active­ly oper­at­ing a Cur­rent Account, Dia­mondx­tra Account, High Inter­est Deposit Account (HIDA), Cur­rent Pri­vate Bank­ing Account with a min­i­mum inflow of N20,000 in the past 6 months.

How­ev­er, your salary account does not need to be in Access Bank before you can get Pay­Day loan. Access Bank account would be opened for you as part of the loan request to dis­burse the loan.

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Below is what the bank had to say about being eli­gi­ble for their pay­day loan;

  • Salary earn­ers whose salary account is domi­ciled in Access Bank
  • Salary earn­ers whose salary account is processed by any of our Cor­po­rate part­ners
  • Cus­tomers active­ly oper­at­ing a Cur­rent Account, Dia­mondx­tra Account, High Inter­est Deposit Account (HIDA), Cur­rent Pri­vate Bank­ing Account with a min­i­mum inflow of N20,000 in the past 6 months.

As dia­mond bank is now access bank, and you’ve been receiv­ing month­ly salary through your dia­mond bank account, you’re also eli­gi­ble for this offer.

Access bank pay­day loan can be obtained to ful­fil any finan­cial and per­son­al require­ment to enhance their qual­i­ty of life.

The prod­uct is unique as recip­i­ents only have to be dili­gent salary earn­ers who will now be able to obtain instant loans with­out stress or involv­ing a guar­an­tor.

Accord­ing to the direc­tor of the bank, Mr Vic­tor Etuok­wu, he quot­ed that;

Access Bank’s Pay­Day Loan prod­uct offers cus­tomers and non-cus­tomers easy access to a unique plat­form that gives them access to loans against their next salary pay­ment, and enables cus­tomers to obtain a loan instant­ly by sim­ply dialling a USSD Code *901*11# on their mobile phones.”


  • Th access pay­day loan is 247 avail­able, which does not require you to vis­it the bank and appli­ca­tion is done con­ve­nient­ly via *901*11#, *426#, Quick­Bucks App, the Inter­net Bank­ing, and the Mobile App.
  • No doc­u­men­ta­tion required.
  • No col­lat­er­al required.
  • Up to thir­ty-one (31) days tenor.

The above fea­tures real­ly makes the pay­day loan to be lot inter­est­ing, espe­cial­ly no col­lat­er­al, no guar­an­tor. And the best part is that if you pass the require­ments, the mon­ey will be trans­ferred to you account imme­di­ate­ly with­out delay.

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How to apply for access bank pay­day loan

Access Payday Loan

As you must have an account with the bank, and met with the require­ment or eli­gi­ble for the ser­vice, *901*11# or *426*11# on your mobile device.

The first code is for access bank while the sec­ond code is those that once have an account with dia­mond bank, though the two works togeth­er irre­spec­tive of hav­ing a dia­mond bank account before.

Apart from the access bank *901# ussd code, you can also access Pay­Day Loan on inter­net bank­ing and what­sApp bank­ing or by down­load­ing access mobile app and quick­Bucks app from your mobile device store.

Before request­ing for a loan through this plat­form, you will first know the exact amount that the bank can give to you.

One thing right here is that you won’t know until you apply ot request for it, then the amount will be dis­played on your screen.

You don’t need to think that you can request for a mil­lion naira through the pay­day loan, no way. Have tried that and it did­n’t work at all, the bank will only give you the amount they wish to.

How­ev­er, you can apply or request for access bank pay­day loan as many times as you may require as long as you have not exceed­ed your eli­gi­ble lim­it.

Each time you request, the eli­gi­ble amount is dis­played, and you can apply for not more than the eli­gi­ble amount.

In as much the bank said no col­lat­er­al, no guar­an­tor, it does­n’t mean that there’s no fee attached to it.

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It attracts upfront fees of 1% flat 4% flat inter­est and insur­ance of .15% of loan amount is tak­en upon loan dis­burse­ment (5.15% total all payable upfront).

Col­lect­ing a loan from access bank with no col­lat­er­al, no guar­an­tor does­n’t mean there’s no tenor for it, you’ll be giv­en a max­i­mum of thir­ty one days (31) to pay up. The thir­ty one days is almost the peri­od that work­er’s are being paid in this coun­try.

You may apply or request for the pay­day loan and have your request turn down by the bank, the fol­low­ing may be the rea­sons for the rejec­tion;

  • Your eli­gi­bil­i­ty will be affect­ed by any of the fol­low­ing:
  • If you have unpaid loan in Access Bank or Oth­er Banks.
  • If your salary account num­ber is incor­rect or you used a phone num­ber that is not linked to your BVN num­ber.
  • There is no evi­dence that you received salary into your account in the last 45 days.
  • You have col­lect­ed exist­ing Pay­Day loans up to your eli­gi­ble amount already
  • No inflow of at least N20,000 into your account in the last 30 days

This is where i will round it up on access bank pay­day loan, if you have any­thing to share or con­tribute, you can use the com­ment box for it.

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