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Anz nz swift code

Anz Nz Swift Code For Mon­ey Trans­fer

Are you look­ing for anz nz swift code for which you can use in local and in mon­ey trans­fer, i’ve already pro­vid­ed the accu­rate swift or bic code for Aus­tralia and New Zealand Bank­ing Group Lim­it­ed.

The swift or the bic is com­mon­ly used when it involves an over­seas bank, which is used in iden­ti­fy­ing the receiv­ing (recip­i­ent) bank or finan­cial insti­tu­tion. With­out the swift code, mon­ey trans­fer won’t take place, it is bound to fail.

What is a swift code

Before going fur­ther into Anz nz swift code, first let me try and explain what the code is all about, thid will help you to under­stand more.

Swift stands for soci­ety for world­wide inter­bank finan­cial telecom­mu­ni­ca­tion, which Bic stands for Bank Iden­ti­fi­er Code. A BIC is some­times called a SWIFT code, SWIFT BIC or SWIFT ID (all of these mean the same thing). A SWIFT/BIC con­sists of 811 char­ac­ters used to iden­ti­fy a spe­cif­ic bank in an inter­na­tion­al trans­ac­tion, to make sure the mon­ey is going to the cor­rect place.

As long as you are trans­fer­ring mon­ey from one coun­try to the oth­er through finan­cial insti­tu­tions, you must pro­vide your bank swift or bic code. For exam­ple, you want to trans­fer mon­ey from your local bank account(anz) account to anoth­er bank in the Unit­ed States(wells far­go), you must pro­vide anz nz swift code before the mon­ey trans­fer can go through, else the mon­ey will bounce back to your account.

The swift code is usu­al­ly like this for­mat AAAAB­BC­CD­DD;

  • AAAA: 4 char­ac­ter bank code
  • BB: 2 char­ac­ter coun­try code
  • CC: 2 char­ac­ter loca­tion code
  • DDD: option­al 3 char­ac­ter branch code
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What is Anz Nz Swift code

Anz nz swift code

ANZ’s SWIFT code is ANZBNZ22. Note: If the oth­er financialiinstitution(bank) requires an 11 dig­it SWIFT, then use ANZBNZ22XXX.

Let’s say you are to receive a cash from a bank in anoth­er coun­try, which your bank account details is need­ed and they include the account num­ber, account name, bank name, bank address and the anz swift code. Below is the good for­mat and details;

Bank Name: ANZ Bank New Zealand Lim­it­ed

Bank Address: ANZ Bank New Zealand Lim­it­ed, ANZ Cen­tre, 2329 Albert Street, Auck­land 1010, New Zealand.

GSWIFT/BIC Code for ANZ Bank New Zealand Lim­it­ed: ANZBNZ22

Oth­ers includes your full name and bank account num­ber.

Note that the swift code is com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from the iban num­ber and even the rout­ing num­ber. Iban stands for Inter­na­tion­al Bank Account Num­ber, and it is used in indi­vid­ual accounts, not banks. In terms of rout­ing num­ber, it acts sim­i­lar to the swift code, in terms of inter­na­tion­al mon­ey trans­fer but is only applic­a­ble to banks in the Unit­ed States.

Is only in the Unit­ed States you will be hear­ing about a bank rout­ing num­ber, though the likes of the bank of amer­i­ca also makes use of the swift code. But in most coun­tries like the UK, Cana­da, Aus­tralia etc, they make use of the swift or bic code.

Anz nz swift code varies from branch to branch, and state to state. But i will rec­om­mend that you use the gen­er­al bic code and its address, as it works for all ANZ Bank New Zealand Lim­it­ed branch­es.

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This is where i draw the cur­tain on anz nz swift code (ANZBNZ22) for mon­ey trans­fer, any new changes made, i won’t hes­i­tate to update it here.

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