Solution to atm didn’t give me money but debited my account

Ever been to the automated teller machine to withdraw and it didn’t dispense cash? It so annoying especially if the atm didn’t give me money but debited my account.

You don’t have to panic if you’re in this situation, definitely it will be resolved by your bank. There are steps taken in solving atm dispense error, and which i’ve discussed on this post.

Atm dispense error do happen in banks all over the world, but in Nigeria it seems to be too common. The worst part is atm didn’t give me money but debited my account, oh very painful indeed.

Solution to atm didn’t give me money but debited my account

Ever been to atm didn't give me money but debited my account

What is the solution to atm didn’t give me money but debited my account. What will you do to have your money reversed back to your account, i have the solution for you.

1. Note down the Amount, date and time

When you have an atm dispense error, what you will do is to note down the date and exact time you had this issue.

This will actually make the bank to understand that this particular transaction that happened at this very hour, didn’t really go through.

For example you had an atm dispense error on the 25th of December, by 11am in the morning. On your notepad or maybe your phone, you’ve to write down the date, the exact time (be it morning, afternoon, evening or in the night) and the year as well. 

You will also have to specify the amount that was debited from your bank account.

Failure to do so might be difficult for your bank to attend to your request and have your money reversed back to your account.

2. The location and branch

This is another important thing to note down, the location which the dispense error happened and also the bank branch.

For example you went zenith bank in maitama to make a withdrawal through the atm that didn’t go through and you were debited, note it down. You will the bank name, and the address as well.

If actually the atm isn’t inside a bank branch, check the atm and it should bear a bank name on it, or any other financial institution.

For example zenith bank atm located at hospital Junction Kabba in kogi state.

When you take down these details which is very compulsory and will assist the customer service representative for easy identification and ratification.

3. Contacting the customer service center

This is the best method i use to in solving atm dispense error or i will say atm didn’t give me money but debited my account issue.

I always make use of the bank email address, rather than calling their phone numbers. But anyone that suit you, you can use it in solving your dispense error problem.

What i usually do is to email the bank, notifying them of the dispense error.

For example i had such error with my gtbank account, i will send a mail to like this;


Good day @gtbank. I’m Amaechi Amara by name from Imo state. Please, i just had an atm dispense error while withdrawing money with my gtbank atm card. The bank which is zenith bank, located at number 330 hospital road Kabba in kogi state.

The date which the dispense error occurred is today being 25th December 2019 and the time was 8:45am. The amount debited on my account is N10,000 and my account number is 0234567890

Please i’m waiting for the solution to this dispense error, and do wish for it to be rectified immediately thanks.

Your customer Amaechi

If you noticed, i specified my account number cause it is what the bank will use to run a check on your account.

I’ve done with gtbank, zenith and first bank and it take them more than four hours to reply to me and give me an update based on the issue.

If you have a dispense error on the atm that you are banking with, it will only take 24hrs to have your money back.

However, if it is another bank automated teller machine (atm), it will take five working days before the bank will reverse the money back to your account.

4. Going to the bank

The second and common option to solve atm didn’t give me money but debited my account issue.

Move straight to your bank, speak with the customer service representative and tell him or her that you have a dispense error.

You will be given a dispense error form to fill. On the form you will be asked of your account number, the amount, the bank which it occurred, time and the date.

Please fill the form correctly and submit it back to the customer representative. He or she will get back to you, specifying on the date that the money will be reversed back to your account.

After the bank run a check on your account and seen that you’re actually saying the truth, you will get your money back.

But if it is the reverse, definitely you won’t. So don’t go and waste your time by lying that you had a dispense error. The bank will detect that you’re lying and might even punish you severely cause it is a criminal offence.

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Help! atm didn’t give me money but debited my account, you don’t need to worry if you follow the methods above. If you’re wrongfully debited because of atm dispense error, definitely your money will be reversed to your account.

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