Branch code for capitec bank

Branch Code For Capitec Bank(Universal)

Branch code for capitec bank is that which can be used in identifying the bank, usually during domestic money transfer. Money transfer from one bank to another in south Africa, requires the use of a branch code, else the transaction us bound to fail.

In Capitec bank , it isn’t a must that you should make use of a particular bank branch code, the capitec bank has a Universal branch code which any bank customer can use it during transaction.

Key facts about capitec bank

  • Established: 1 March 2001
  • Listed on JSE: 18 February 2002
  • Registration: SA Reserve Bank
  • Active clients: 10 million
  • Branches: 826*
  • Employees: over 13 333*
  • Shareholders’ funds: R19 billion*
  • International payments partners: MasterCard and Visa
  • Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.
  • Registered address: 1 Quantum Street, Techno Park, Stellenbosch

In South Africa banking policy, one can choose from banking institutions that either have universal branch codes or banks that have individual codes for every bank branch. The likes of absa and capitec bank have a universal branch code which their customers irrespective of their location can use it for money transfer.

It is a must that a licensed bank should have it’s own unique code. The bank code which is a code given by a central bank to a licensed financial institution which can be a bank or non bank, for identification and operation in the financial or banking sector.

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With all banking rules and regulations, banking differs vastly from one country to the next as do all the codes, and can be found online for ease of access.

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Branch Code For Capitec Bank 

Branch code for capitec bank

Let me say this again, capitec bank has only one bank code, which can be used by any customer from any location. Whether you’re in soweto, cape town, Johannesburg, Tripoli etc, you are liable to use the universal branch code for capitec bank. Below are the bank details and which includes the swift code as well.

Branch Code:470010
Bank Phone:(021), 809-5981/82/80
Bank Fax:(021), 880-1845

The branch code for capitec is 470010 and the swift code which can be used for wire transfer, that is sending or receive money from abroad (international) through your capitec bank account is CABLZAJJ

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The universal branch code for capitec is 470010, swift code CABLZAJJ, and name which is capitec bank limited. The address is 10 QUANTUM STREET, TECHNOPARK, STELLENBOSCH. These three things is something that your should note down especially if you’re to receive money from abroad to your local bank account.

2 thoughts on “Branch Code For Capitec Bank(Universal)”

  1. Dear Capitec

    How do your bank FICA clients if there are so many scammers currently that can not be traced. I was scammed in December 2019 by your client “Legal Axis” Acc no 1570094940, cell no 0780172805 – Mrs Linda Calgan. My bank could not retrieved the money through your long and outstretched procedures to block the account and the money was withdrawn.

    New scammers now trying to scam people into fake job advertising:
    Mr Mabuza, cell 0785851785, Mr T Madiba or Mr Phala, 0715212020, 0766548998, 0661078851 and two Capitec acc no’s:1681089686 or 1683296107

    Kindly explain your mission on protection for I am going to request an Article 205 letter from SAPS

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