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Update gtbank phone number and email address

How To Change Gtbank Phone Num­ber And Email Address

There are sev­er­al sit­u­a­tions that might make you want to change your gtbank mobile phone num­ber or even the email address you used in open­ing your bank account, maybe you lost the sim card or your net­work provider blocked the mobile num­ber. The rea­son is best known to you.

You are here, look­ing for a way to change your gtbank phone num­ber or email address used in open­ing your bank account, well that’s so easy to do, and you don’t need to go to any gtbank branch. I’ve been in a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion where­by my net­work provider(mtn) blocked my sim cause of the sim reg­is­tra­tion issue, and i des­per­ate­ly need to use the num­ber for my bank­ing ser­vice, so i had to change the num­ber imme­di­ate­ly.

The method i used is what i’m going to show to you right now and here on mis­sy­banker.

How to change gtbank phone num­ber

There are two ways which you can update or change gtbank phone num­ber, one is through the ATMs and the oth­er is through inter­net bank­ing or the gtbank mobile app(gtworld).

How­ev­er going to the atm can only change your phone num­ber, but you can’t change your email address reg­is­tered with the bank. To change your email address, you will use the inter­net bank­ing account or mobile bank­ing app or you con­tact GTcon­nect through mail in order to change your email address.

You can as well go to the bank to do that as well, if you don’t mind be on a queue just to get the cus­tomer rep­re­sen­ta­tive to help update your phone num­ber or email me linked to your bank account.

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I will only dis­cuss the two meth­ods which i used in updat­ing or chang­ing my gtbank phone num­ber and email address.

Through The ATM 

Update gtbank phone number and email address

Below is a well detailed guide on how to change your bank phone number(Guaranty Trust Bank) and this is the lat­est method.

1. First you need to have your naira deb­it card with you (atm card), head to any gtbank atm. Please it must be a Guar­an­ty trust bank auto­mat­ed teller machine(atm). On get­ting to the atm, insert your card, fol­lowed by typ­ing in your pin num­ber.

2Take a look at the atm screen, you’ll see Per­form Oth­er trans­ac­tion, select this option, and next you will see is More­Ser­vices. Also enter the num­ber for it.

3When you enter the num­ber for More­Ser­vices, next you will see on the screen is update phone num­ber. All you’ve to do is to enter your new phone num­ber and click on pro­ceed. And this is fol­lowed by you typ­ing in your four dig­it pin num­ber to con­firm and final­ize the update.

Through Inter­net Bank­ing 

Change gtbank phone number and email address

If you have inter­net bank­ing account with gtbank, or mobile bank­ing, you can change both your account phone num­ber and email address. Using the atm only updates or change your phone num­ber, but can’t change your email address used in open­ing your gtbank account.

Fol­low the process below to change your pass­word gtbank phone num­ber through inter­net bank­ing.

1First login to your inter­net bank­ing account or your mobile bank­ing app, and click on Click Self Ser­vice.

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2Next is to click on Cus­tomer Infor­ma­tion Update, fol­lowed by New Request. You’ve to Select Account Num­ber, and also Select Update Type Email address or Mobile num­ber”.

3Type in or enter your new Mobile num­ber. You will be giv­en a ques­tion to answer and enter the Answer to your Secret test Ques­tion

4. Click sub­mit, and enter the token gen­er­at­ed code sent to you and click on sub­mit. Your new  mobile num­ber will be updat­ed on your gtbank account with­in 24 work­ing hours.

If you don’t have inter­net bank­ing account or haven’t reg­is­tered for mobile bank­ing, going to the atm or con­tact­ing GT con­nect / going to the bank is the only for you.


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With the above, you will eas­i­ly update or change your gtbank phone num­ber and email address. Your ques­tions and sug­ges­tions are wel­comed.


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