FCMB Mobile Transfer Code To Other Banks (Basic Guide)

Fcmb mobile transfer code is one of the fastest and most convenient way to transfer money from fcmb to other banks, especially if you don’t fancy internet banking.

Ussd transfer code is the common or i will say the most popular means of transferring money in Nigeria. No need of going to the atm or inside the bank the bank in the name of money transfer.

It has really save a lot of time, energy and stress, more especially to the business owners and even the buyers too. I always found myself wanting to do money transfer or pos, in as much it will cost me about N50 or N52 naira.

Fcmb transfer code is *329# and this services is 24/7 available you. There’s no smooth talk about it like the atm that banks claimed to offer 24hrs services, the ussd code isn’t like the automated teller machine in Nigeria.

The ussd code is available on all mobile phones, both smartphones and feature phones. When i say feature phones, i mean to say the likes of Nokia touch and Co.

But before using the fcmb mobile banking transfer code, you need to first register and get your fcmb transfer pin. Please i hope you’re not pissed off cause you heard Register.

To register for fcmb *329# ussd code is just a 30 seconds thing to do. Only involves you, creating a four digit personal identity number (PIN) which you will use to finalize each transaction made on the fcmb mobile transfer code.

Fcmb mobile transfer code

Fcmb transfer code is actually a ussd code (*329#) which is a type of mobile banking service whereby a bank cu can use it for banking services.

These services includes money transfer, purchasing of airtime and internet data, payment of bills, checking of account number and balance, blocking or reactivating an atm, cardless withdrawal etc.

These services can be done on any type of mobile phone without the use of internet service or connection.

While the *329# doesn’t require wifi or mobile data to work, the mobile app do require that you must have a working internet connection before you can use it.

Having said that before you can use transfer code for fcmb that you must create a four digit personal identity number (PIN), below is how to create it.

How to register for fcmb transfer code

To create your four digit pin, simply ial *329*0# on your mobile phone and select the option to create pin. Right there you will also see an option to reset pin if you have already created one before.

Note that your atm card is needed in creating pin for fcmb transfer code, and without having an fcmb atm card, it won’t work.

Please don’t use serial numbers like 6789 or 3457, use odd numbers like 7392 or maybe 6638. You can as well use your atm pin if you like it that way.

Having created your pin, you can now start using the fcmb *329# ussd code.

How to buy airtime from fcmb via *329# ussd code

To buy airtime or top up you mobile phone using your registered number with fcmb bank, simply dial *329*Amount.

For example *329*500#, you will be required to type in your four digit pin to authorize or authenticate the purchase.

For others like family, friends and loved ones, or another number, dial *329*Amount*Mobile number# to top-up other mobile phones.

For example *329*500*08023333333#. You will also authenticate it by typing in your four digit pin.

To buy internet data from fcmb account, dial *329*1*Mobile Number#

You will given options to select your preferred package from the four prepaid network we have (mtn, glo, 9mobile and airtel).

How to transfer money from fcmb via *329#

Fcmb transfer code

Just like airtime top up, simply dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer money from your fcmb account.

For example you want to transfer money (50,000) to Buddy who’s using a zenith bank account, dial *329*50000*026666666# on your mobile phone.

The next window you will see is to select the recipient bank name, and finalize it by typing in your four digit pin numbers.

Fcmb transfer code to other banks attracts a fee of N52, while N20 to other fcmb bank accounts.

How to check Fcmb account balance using *329#

To check your fcmb account balance on your phone, dial *329*00# to check the balance. Doing this attracts a fee of N15 for once and N30 for twice.

Checking your fcmb account balance gives you the opportunity to view your account number and also your bank verification number the same time.

You can pay for your dstv or gotv subscription using your fcmb bank account, to do that simply dial *329*2*Amount*Smartcard Number# to pay for DSTv or GOTv subscription.

Another good feature that i like about fcmb *329# ussd code is that you can link your bvn by yourself without visiting the bank. To link your bank verification number, dial *329#, select self-service, select link BVN to link your BVN.

If you lost your naira debit card (atm) and would like to block it, you don’t need to visit any fcmb bank branch. To block your fcmb atm card, simply dial *329#, select self-service, select block card to block debit card.

There are many options in the self service in the *329# mobile ussd code, to block your account, atm cardless withdrawal, to view account number etc.

Most banks don’t give their customers the privilege to view a complete statement of account, rather they offer a mini account statement via the ussd code.

You can only view or download it if you’re using mobile or internet banking. But with fcmb, you can view your account statement for one year or more than, or choose to have a mini statement of account.

To check your fcmb statement of account, dial *329#, select statement, select full statement, then select duration (up to 6 months).

Dial *329#, select statement then select mini statement to view your last five (5) transactions instantly.

Your statement will be sent to your registered email address instantly. You can read more on how to check Fcmb statement of account.

Maximum amount that you can transfer from your fcmb account to in a day is N500,000 that is if you contact the bank customer service and request that you want increase your daily transfer limit.

However, without requesting for it, you will only be liable to transfer up to N200,000 per day using your atm card last six digit numbers and your fcmb transfer pin.

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That’s all i’ve on fcmb transfer code, and this service is 24/7 available to the customers. I’m here to assist you if you are confused about this post.

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