How Long It Takes To Get A Gtbank Atm Card

Applying for Guranty trust bank atm isn’t the problem but the question is how long does it take to get a gtbank atm card, the answer is right below.

You may be hearing gtb saying instant card instant card instant card!!!  But the truth is that right in 2019, their instant card seemed to be farce. I tell you there’s no difference between gtbank and zenith in terms of card issuance, there’s nothing like instant card.

I’ve been using gtbank since 2010 with three consecutive atm card renewal and the card wasn’t issued to me that very day, even in terms of renewal and i was really surprised.

Gtbank states that;

Instant cards are now available in all GTBank branches nationwide.

But the truth is that i just requested for gtbank instant card few days after they made this public, the banker at the customer service told me that it is not available that i should check back in the next two weeks. When i inquired about the instant card, the banker told me that it is not available right here in owerri.

I made some inquiries from my pals in other states and i got to find out that it’s just only in few states like Lagos, Abuja, ogun, kano and others. Not only that, the instant card cost more like N2500 whilst the normal way is N1000 per request or renewal.

I call this broad day light robbery cause first bank issues instant card without extra charges, the price being N1000 per request or renewal. Whereas, gtbank is 3yrs validity while first bank and zenith bank is 4yrs.

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How long does it take to get a gtbank atm card

Gtbank atm card

If the above is your question, the answer to it is two weeks. It takes two weeks to get gtbank atm card as at April 2019, but some branches do offers instant card which is extra cost to normal atm request.

If your gtbank atm card have expired, they will automatically renew it, deduct N1000 from your account, which they will later send you an sms for the collection when due. This again takes one – two weeks but you can request for an instant card with extra cost added to it.

I hope i’ve answered your question on how long does it take to get a gtbank atm card

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