Solution To Gtbank Dispense Error(Atm)

Have you ever experienced gtbank dispense error when withdrawing money from our local bank(s) down here, it was painful for you right? But right here i’ve the solution to that.

The solution i’ve on gtbank dispense error doesn’t require you to go to the bank or fill out the error form.

But just on your phone with internet connection, you will have that money revert to your account in the couple of few hours.

What is gtbank dispense error

Let me explain this to you in a simpler and detailed way.

A dispense error occurs when you a bank customer, tries to withdraw money(cash) from the atm machine, the atm which didn’t bring out any cash but rather debited the exact money from your account for the transaction.

You can explain it in a more refined way like saying, it is an error that occurs when your account is debited for a transaction and value is not received.

Dispense error usually occurs when there is a network issue between your bank and the atm. I’ve experienced this during withdrawal on access and uba bank respectively.

The first experience was on uba bank which i went to the bank to lay a complain, but the last that happened to me i solved it without going to the bank.

Solution to gtbank dispense error

Gtbank dispense error

So let’s go to the two solutions on solving the atm dispense error on gtbank;

Going To The Bank

The one solution that is common, going to the bank, queue on the line, requesting for a dispense error form, filling it and giving it back to the customer service care.

Contacting GTConnect

The best and most convenient way of resolving gtbank dispense error right now in 2020. No need of going to the bank or filling a form, but you got to have this solved in your very comfort home or anywhere.

Okay you went to the atm to withdraw cash and this occurs, what you will do is to bring your phone, turn on your data and send an email to For example;

Good day gtbank.

Please, i just had an atm dispense error while withdrawing money with my gtbank atm card. The bank which is zenith bank branch, located at number 330 bank road owerri.

The date which the dispense error occurred is today being 25th April 2019 and the time was 8:45am. The amount debited on my account is N5000 and my account number is 023456789

Please i’m waiting for the solution to to this error thanks.

Your customer Amaechi

So the above is an example on how the mail which you want to send to gtconnect should look like.

You will state the bank name, the exact location(address) the date and time of the occurrence, the amount debited and your bank account number. Please the title of your mail should be atm dispense error.

With the details you mentioned, gtconnect will respond to you with a reference number issued to your email address.

If the error was on gtbank atm machine, It will take 24hrs to 48hrs (1-2 days) to revert the money, but if it’s another bank, that’s 5-8 working days and you will have your money back to you account.

Do you know that you can withdraw money from your gtbank account on the atm without atm card??? read through here (gtbank cardless withdrawal).

That’s the way of solving gtbank dispense error with or without going inside the bank. Any questions or inquiries, i’m right here on helping you out thanks.

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