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How To Use Gtbank Mobile Bank­ing On Smart­phone

This post is all about how to use gtbank mobile bank­ing for easy access to all your bank­ing ser­vices on your mobile phone in 2019.

Mobile bank­ing is the fastest means by which banks offers finan­cial ser­vices to their cus­tomers, ser­vices like mon­ey trans­fer, check­ing of account bal­ances or num­ber, and gtbank mobile bank­ing isn’t left out all. Been a cus­tomer of guran­ty trust bank, i do use it when the need aris­es and u can tell you that it have nev­er dis­ap­point­ed me at all.

Gtbank mobile bank­ing comes in two vari­ant, one is offline while the oth­er is online and through gtbank mobile app. The offline type of bank­ing is most­ly used by gtbank cus­tomers as it is eas­i­er and way bet­ter. This comes inform of gtbank trans­fer code *737#, which can be used to trans­fer mon­ey, top up air­time or buy inter­net data plan.

The oth­er requires inter­net con­nec­tion and also one need gtb mobile bank­ing reg­is­tra­tion before it can work. For it to work, you will first enroll for gtbank inter­net bank­ing, get your pass­word and user­name and that is what you will use to access gtworld mobile app. What it will take you is to just head over to any guran­ty trust bank near you, meet and speak with the cus­tomer care rep­re­sen­ta­tive and request that you want to cre­ate gtbank inter­net bank­ing account.

The cus­tomer care rep­re­sen­ta­tive will give you a form to fill after which you will give it back to him or her and with­in few min­utes they will get back to you. It doesn’t take more than 30 min­utes to have your gtbank inter­net bank­ing account work­ing espe­cial­ly if you fol­low the guide­line. After this you can down­load gtworld mobile app and enjoy the ben­e­fits of gtbank mobile bank­ing imme­di­ate­ly.

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Ben­e­fits of gtbank mobile bank­ing

Gtbank mobile banking

1. Num­ber one ben­e­fit is that it saves time and stress. Just think how long it will take to get to your bank, queue on the line just to trans­fer mon­ey to anoth­er account, with mobile bank­ing all you have to do is to stay in your com­fort or con­ve­nient place and trans­fer the mon­ey.

2. With gtbank mobile bank­ing, you can trans­fer or send mon­ey, pay for util­i­ties bills like dstv, elec­tric­i­ty bill, check your account num­ber, bal­ance or request for state­ment of account. Not only that, you can also request for deb­it card or change your cur­rent mas­ter card pin num­ber. Also buy air­time or inter­net data through your bank account.

3. One good ben­e­fit is that it is 247 avali­able to all gtb cus­tomers both on week­days or week­ends.

How to use gtbank mobile bank­ing

Every gtbank cus­tomer is enti­tled to it unless you want to use the gtworld mobile app. On your phone which con­tains the sum num­ber you used to cre­ate your gtbank bank account, dial *737# and you will see many options there. Select the option that suites your need at that moment and you’re good to go.

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Gtbank *737# doesn’t require inter­net con­nec­tion at all, just dial the code and enjoy the ben­e­fits of using gtbank mobile bank­ing.

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