How To Use Gtbank Mobile Banking On Smartphone

This post is all about how to use gtbank mobile banking for easy access to all your banking services on your mobile phone in 2019.

Mobile banking is the fastest means by which banks offers financial services to their customers, services like money transfer, checking of account balances or number, and gtbank mobile banking isn’t left out all. Been a customer of guranty trust bank, i do use it when the need arises and u can tell you that it have never disappointed me at all.

Gtbank mobile banking comes in two variant, one is offline while the other is online and through gtbank mobile app. The offline type of banking is mostly used by gtbank customers as it is easier and way better. This comes inform of gtbank transfer code *737#, which can be used to transfer money, top up airtime or buy internet data plan.

The other requires internet connection and also one need gtb mobile banking registration before it can work. For it to work, you will first enroll for gtbank internet banking, get your password and username and that is what you will use to access gtworld mobile app. What it will take you is to just head over to any guranty trust bank near you, meet and speak with the customer care representative and request that you want to create gtbank internet banking account.

The customer care representative will give you a form to fill after which you will give it back to him or her and within few minutes they will get back to you. It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to have your gtbank internet banking account working especially if you follow the guideline. After this you can download gtworld mobile app and enjoy the benefits of gtbank mobile banking immediately.

Benefits of gtbank mobile banking

Gtbank mobile banking

1. Number one benefit is that it saves time and stress. Just think how long it will take to get to your bank, queue on the line just to transfer money to another account, with mobile banking all you have to do is to stay in your comfort or convenient place and transfer the money.

2. With gtbank mobile banking, you can transfer or send money, pay for utilities bills like dstv, electricity bill, check your account number, balance or request for statement of account. Not only that, you can also request for debit card or change your current master card pin number. Also buy airtime or internet data through your bank account.

3. One good benefit is that it is 24/7 avaliable to all gtb customers both on weekdays or weekends.

How to use gtbank mobile banking

Every gtbank customer is entitled to it unless you want to use the gtworld mobile app. On your phone which contains the sum number you used to create your gtbank bank account, dial *737# and you will see many options there. Select the option that suites your need at that moment and you’re good to go.

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Gtbank *737# doesn’t require internet connection at all, just dial the code and enjoy the benefits of using gtbank mobile banking.

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