31 thoughts on “How To Check Gtbank State­ment Of Account”

  1. I made pay­ments through remi­ta and i did­n’t save the rrr num­ber and my gmail account is not active now and the trans­ac­tion was made using Gtbank
    Do think i can get the rrr num­ber or receipt of pay­ment from the bank.

  2. I did not reg­is­ter with an email when I reg­is­tered, now I want to get my state­ment of acct and it requires an email, can I update an email and get the state­ment today ??? And how can I even do that ???

  3. Olanlokun kazeem bidemi

    Have lost my phone num­ber that I used To open my account please how could I get my account num­ber back…

  4. I sent a mail to gtconnect@gtbank request­ing for my state­ment of account, but I keep get­ting a noti­fi­ca­tion that my mail can­not be deliv­ered because it breaks a rule. Can you please help with a for­mat for send­ing it? Thank you

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