How to change number on bvn (Name and date of birth)

Looking for how to change number on bvn which also includes how to change your name or date of birth on your bank verification number.

This article will guide you on how to do that and more especially how to correct my bvn name.

Have you been in a situation where you want to check your bvn using the *565*0# ussd code, and couldn’t cause the number isn’t linked with your bvn.

However, it can be more painful when trying to link your bvn to your new bank account, and couldn’t cause of name or date of birth mismatch or arrangement.

This situation is really annoying and the only way is to resolve the issue, and i will only guide you on how to go about it.

How to change number on bvn

If your looking for how to change my bvn phone number online, i’m sorry to tell you that it isn’t possible at all, especially at this moment.

To change number on bvn, you have to head over to your bank and speak with the customer service representative.

All you have to do is request that you want to change the phone number, linked to to your bvn.

The customer service representative will request for your bvn, and means of identity.

This is to tell you that if you’re going to the bank, go your ID card. Be it voters card, national passport and make sure that the name, date or birth, address and picture tallies with your bank verification number.

This will make the bank customer service representative confirm that you’re the owner of the bvn.

After the confirmation, he or she will change number on bvn to the phone number. With that you can access your bank verification number on your new phone number.

If you’re looking for how to change bvn phone number online, that isn’t possible cause the bank need to see your face, your means of identification (ID) before they can go ahead to do it.

Do you know that there is a situation whereby you want to enroll for bvn, on getting to the bank and get yourself registered, the bank will tell you that the phone number is already linked to a bvn.

In this type of case you can dial *565*0# to see if it will bring out 10 digit numbers. If it does, then be rest assured that the number is linked to a bvn.

What you need to do is to buy a new sim card with latest number and not old reshuffled number, use it to register for bvn.

How to correct name and date of birth on bvn

how to change number on bvn


Looking for how to correct my bvn name, this issue is very common especially if you opened a new account and wants to link your bvn to it. You will be seeing mismatch error message on your screen.

At times it can be name arrangement that didn’t tally with how your name is written on the bvn.

For Example: Your name is Obi Chukwuebuka Samuel, Obi is your last name, Chukwuebuka is your first name, while Samuel is your middle name. And this is how it is on your bank account.

But on your bvn, Obi is your last name, Samuel is your first name, while Chukwuebuka is your middle name.

Some banks wouldn’t mind that the name arrangement isn’t correct and link your bvn, while some will request that you should correct it before linking your bank verification number to your account.

In the case of wrong name, you only need to correct it using your ID card like voters card, national ID card, international passport etc.

Go to the bank you did your bvn, move straight to the customer service section and speak with the representative. You’ve to tell them that there’s a mistake on the name written on your bvn.

After that you’ll be issued a form (bvn amendment form) to fill, complete it and return it back to the customer service representative with your means of identification.

The customer service representative will make a photocopy of your ID card and attach it with the bvn ammendment form. Right there it will be rectified, though it will not reflect immediately.

In the case of wrong date of birth, you will have to swear an affidavits in the court, which proves that the name on your ID card is correct and that is your real date of birth.

Even if you go with your birth certificate, the bank won’t accept it unless you have your affidavits plus your ID card with you.

Through the affidavits given to them, they will change your date of birth to the correct one.

Note: Changing or correcting your name and date of birth usually take effect after two to seven days, though it depends on your bank.

How to change my bvn phone number online

I’ve gotten lots messages of people asking if it is possible to change my bvn phone number online?

At this time of writing this post, the answer to this question is hundred percent NO. 

There’s no way you can change anything on your bvn without going to the bank.

Bank verification number is treated with lots of precautions, so banks always request that an individual that wants to makes any changes to its bank verification number must do it in the bank, and this requires the use of id.

You cannot change your bvn number through internet banking, mobile app, ussd or by calling your bank. But better still you can still contact them and they might assist you especially if you’re not in Nigeria, or staying in a remote area.

If there’s any changes to this, that is changing the phone number linked to your bvn and also how to correct my bvn name online, i won’t hesitate to post it on this post.

However, you can still contact your bank in order to be one hundred percent sure that there’s no way you can make any changes to your bank verification number through online.

So i hope I’ve answered the question on how to change my bvn phone number online. If you have any further question question on bank verification number, please kindly direct it to your bank thanks.

How to link your bvn to your account

There are up to four methods which you can link your bvn to your bank account, and they are;

  • Through ussd code
  • Through internet banking
  • Through bank bvn portal
  • Through sms

Through Ussd Code: Requires you to dial your bank ussd code and through it you can link your bvn to your new bank account.

For example, *945*bvn#. And it will immediately link your account to your bank verification number.

Through Internet Banking: For those that have internet banking, banks made a provision that their customers can link their bank verification number to their account.

To do that, simply log in to your internet account, click on the option menu and you will see the option to link your bvn.

Through SMS: Another method is through sms, banks like Access bank and Gtbank made a provision that one can link their bvn to their bank account by simply sending an sms.


I don’t know why I kept on receiving multiple emails and WhatsApp chats about people asking if they are to make changes to their bvn in another bank other than the bank they enrolled or registered for bvn.

The answer is simply NO!!! 

You can only change bvn phone number, date of birth, and your name on the bank you enrolled or registered for bank verification number. 

You can’t register for bvn in Zenith bank and go to first bank to make changes to your bvn because you have an account with first bank.

It isn’t done that way at all.

I repeat again you’ll have to go to the bank you registered for bvn to make any changes to your bank verification number.

I hope I won’t be seeing more questions on this guys.

Please endeavour to read this post and also the comments before popping out your own comment. 

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That’s it on how to change number on bvn. You can add more to this post by dropping your comments on the comment box.

146 thoughts on “How to change number on bvn (Name and date of birth)”

  1. What if you have once change the date of birth on your bvn some years ago and you just enrolled for a valid i.D card with the correct date of birth and you want that date of birth on the ID card to reflect on your BVN now is still possible to do that with affidavit

    • Let me get this your question. You’ve changed the date of birth on your bvn few years back, and wants to change it again. If that is what you’re asking, it is very possible with an affidavit and also if it didn’t reflect that you’ve once changed your bank verification number previously.

  2. No am still using the same verification number what i want now is to update the correct date of birth now hope is very possible

  3. My name in my voter card was mistakenly spell as Ogayayefe instead of Ogagayefe, the g instead of y, and I used that i.d card for my bvn, which carry the wrong name too, the name does not correspond with my certificates names, I do I change it

  4. Hello , how long does it take to correct date of birth on bvn. Noticed that my bank made a mistake with the date of birth while trying to register for a national identity card.

  5. Good day sir pls I need urgent reply I have been using a wrong date of birth on my national ID card and even voters card and I want to change it now pls how will I do?

    • Hello, this is missybanker. Please get a court affidavit and the bank will correct the date on your bvn. But seriously i don’t understand why you’re using a wrong date of birth on your IDs!!! Affidavit will be of help to you.

      • Hi, i change my phone number on bvn on Wednesday at polaris bank n was tld it will take 72hours b4 it reflect. D customers service lady later told me dat it on probability cos we r nt allow to change anything on our bvn details again. Am really confuse cos i need it urgently. Pls aw do i knw if it as change?

      • Okay now i get it. You mean you changed the name on your bvn two times and still it wasn’t corrected? I don’t think it was done properly.

        Name correction only requires ID and shouldn’t take more than seven days to reflect on your bvn. Please kindly contact access bank to rectify the problem.

    • Mr Salim are you saying that your bvn isn’t correct? Maybe you didn’t finish up the process. Please i will advise you to visit any access bank close you to and lay your complaint

  6. Good evening sir, please I have an issue with my Account name, am Using Simon Osim Asuo as my bank name, while my current Certificate carries Osim Simon Okpokam and the DOB still didn’t correspond via the year please advise I beg of you
    I don’t have any Valid I’D card that carries the very Name though and Year I intend changing?

    • The only solution is you getting a court affidavit of date of birth and also name clarification. You can try and get a nin ID card, though court affidavit will help a lot.

      But please bear in mind, some banks will see it as a change of name and request that you do a newspaper publication as well. First go to the bank with a court affidavit and the bank will give you further information.

  7. Hi ma’am… Pls how long does it take if someone wants to change his bvn phone number…… Gtbank to b precise……. I did d changing since Friday 17th,… Til now 20… It has not effected

    • Please madam I did change of name on my bvn since Tuesday n I was told I sud check after 48 hrs and it has not reflected till now in which I have to make a transaction in my other account tomorrow please what should I do

      • Like i said on the post, it takes a maximum duration of seven days to reflect on your bvn. Some might even take up to two weeks for the changes to reflect. So please exercise a bit of patient or better still contact your bank.

  8. missybanker
    please i enrolled for my bvn with another name eg daty timothy yakubu and i want to change it to yakubu victor pls is it possible

    • Hello Victor, good day. It is very much possible, but first get a court affidavit. But your case seem to be a change of name issue, they will ask you to do a newspaper publication for your new name if you don’t have any ID whatsoever that bears Victor.

  9. There is a mistake in my bvn phone number. I want to change. Must i have to go to the bank that i first register or i can go to any bank. E.g i register with Zenith bank can i go to First bank to update my phone number

    • Hello, did you bother to read this post at all? If you did you’ll have seen where i stated that “if you want to make any changes to your bvn, you must do it in the bank you registered or enrolled for bvn”.

    • Bank account number? Kindly contact your bank on the helpline. Request that you want to retrieve your bank account number.

      They will ask you some questions relating to your bank account. Questions like phone number used in opening your account, mother’s maiden name, your name on the account etc.
      If you get the questions correctly, they will tell you your account number.

  10. Hello missybanker. Please I want to change my bvn dob and the phone number I registered with, how will I go about it and what type of affidavit will I requested for in court?

    • Please changing your date of birth only requires an affidavit. Just go to any court around you and tell them that you to do an affidavit for date of birth. They will do it for you with a maximum of N2k depending on your location, and after go to your bank and submit it to them.

  11. I went to change the phone number of my bank account, thinking that i would be able to access my bvn with the new number but it keep showing unable to retrieve your bvn. But other things are working like checking of balance etc. So what is the problem why the bvn is not showing?

      • I did the bvn in school and that branch is closed, i hope i can still change the number in any other branch and i hope they wunt ask for id card or means of identification because i dont have any. It is a student account i opened it with my admission letter and sch. fees receipt

        • It must not be that very branch, but rather the bank. Again you should at least have a voter’s card with you. The bank will definitely ask you for your ID as long as you’re up to 18yrs of age.

  12. Hello, i used my former international passport which carried a wrong dob cos of my football age to register for my bvn. Now ive gotten a new passport with the correct dob. Will it be acceptable together with an affidavit of dob?

  13. I register my bvn with first bank in Abeokuta and the phone number attached to it lost and I need to change it, Can I just walk in to any nearest first bank to do this or must be where I registered?

  14. My middle name is missing from my BVN- thr first and last name are correct. Do I need an affidavit or I just need to go to the bank with an Id before my middle name can be added? I have the temporary national id slip. My full names are on the nimc id and the bank account details. The bank is Access Diamond.

  15. I want to change my linked number. it’s been over 4 years it was stolen and I’ve been using another number since then. I’d wish to have my bvn linked to my current contract (number). Thanks for your tips: can I do it from any bank? I banked with Access bank: but initially my bvn was registered at ecobank. can it be done at Access bank too (number correction)?

  16. Good afternoon ma, please I would like to change my account name from Gbadamosi Ololade Omowunmi to Gbadamosi Ololade Latifat because this are the names on my results and national identity card.
    I have done affidavit and I have NIMC card, do I need any other documents?

  17. These are really helpful. Thanks to you Missy banker. Please within those process of changing of bvn phone number, correction of name and waiting for reflection of it ,hope I can still have access to the account like depositing and withdrawal.

    • Depositing? Hundred percent yes. If your account is linked to your bvn, you can withdraw your money.

      When bank prevents you from making a withdrawal is when the account isn’t linked to a bvn.

  18. These are really helpful. Thanks so much to you Missybanker. Please ma within those process of correction of name, bvn phone number and it reflection, hope I can still have access to my account those period of time like depositing and withdrawal.

  19. I changed my date of birth on bvn last year, but the bank made a mistake during the correction. Can i apply for correction of date of birth on my bvn again?

  20. Hello pls , I have a very sensitive questions I opened my bank with Akinsanya demola, in Polaris now I used same in my first bank it was going well till I got blocked for exceeding the limit on my student FBN account, I just did my NIN with my full name i intend to correct the name but my Dob on my NIN is not tallying with the original BVN own ,
    Can avidavids help me maintain my BVN date of birth ,or i must change to that of the Nin

    • Since it’s date of birth, kindly get an affidavit and make sure everything written on it tallied with the nin ID. Go to the bank with it, they will make the necessary changes on your bvn.

      • Hello missybanker
        In my bvn my first is used as my middle and my middle is used as my first name nonetheless I already have four bank account link to my bvn
        But now I want correct the arangements of the names, my questions are;
        Do I need an affidavit for the correction ?
        If I do correct it in the bank I enrolled my bvn will it also reflect in my other bank accounts or do I have to go to those individual Banks to affect the correction.

  21. Please madam, in my credentials date of birth and voters card was different, and I used to voters card when I open bank account and bvn, but now I need my credentials date of birth to be in bvn and Bank account hw I go do?

  22. please madam, my voter card and credentials date of birth was different, how can i change my bvn date of birth, because i need to my credentials date of birth to be in my bvn pls i need your sugg,

  23. I’ve repeated this like 50 times on this post, did you bother to read the post at all? To change date of birth, you need a court affidavit. If the details on your ID is different from your bvn, please try and get nin ID.

  24. Please my own complain is; i went to rearrange my name on my bvn in the bank, it took them almost a month of going and coming to fix it for me. And after they were done the people ended up changing my gender from male to female, am tired already, how do i go about it?

  25. Please ma I just open an account in UBA and I got a call from them that I mistakenly fill 2 date of birth and even asked for my account number and which I gave to them and later found out that the bank will rather sent text messages not call. Pls what can I do is it risky

    • Why didn’t you call your bank or head over to your when you found out that you gave your bank details to scammers. The only thing you have to do is to contact your bank or account manager.

  26. Hello,I want to change the phone number linked to my bvn,I did my bvn at access bank but i also use GTB too,can i go and correct it at GTB because it is closer to me than access bank

  27. Hi, I lost the phone number linked to my Bvn and I stay out of the country! How I do link my BVN to a new phone number., because my bank is asking of the OTP number before I can access my account. Thanks!

    • This your case, you have to contact your account manager (bank) where you did the bvn and explain that you’re not in Nigeria.

      Every bank has their ways of treating such case’s like asking you lots of questions related to the bvn and other verifications.

      Your account manager is in the right position to tell you exactly what to do and how to go about it. So you you have to contact him or her or your bank.

  28. Please I want to change
    my BVN date of birth from
    14/07/1991 to 14/07/1996.
    the date of birth in my national ID
    card is 14/07/1991 i did the national
    ID card since 2015

    my question is should I go to the bank with a new ID card with a court affidavit or I should take the old ID card with a court affidavit

  29. I have done it already on Monday and I checked it yesterday afternoon it was til my previous age so I went back to confirm it and I was issued another form to fill. I just want to know how long it will take Gtbank to update it

  30. If you are not in the country (live overseas) and want to change the phone number registered to our BVN, how do you go about this? Thank you!

  31. Please help me out have already filled the form to change the date of birth at the bank I enrolled my bvn but they haven’t change the date of birth still on my bvn over a month now please what can I do

    • What you should have done is to contact your bank which you did your bvn and notify them that it’s been up to one month and no changes so far. They will tell you if they are still processing it or you have to redo it.

      Is only your bank can help you out, kindly contact your bank and notify them of the issue.

  32. I went to my branch about 2-3 weeks ago to change the number that linked to my bvn, and I was told it will be updated in 24hours time
    But ever since then, to this present moment,it hasn’t been changed.
    Because anytime I try to get OTP via the changed number (08165622978) I noticed it still remains the previous number.
    Please help me check, I really need it.

    • You said check? Please your bvn is confidential and don’t even try to post it online. What you’ve to do is call your bank or better still go to your bank and report back to them.

      I don’t understand why you guys are having this issues cause bvn ammendment doesn’t take more than two weeks. Please you’ve to contact your bank, I can’t do such for you.

  33. Please my question is, my account name bears two names, but in my bvn form I wrote three names for my account name instead of two names, so please what should I do? Is my account name going to be changed to three so that it becomes the same with the name on my bvn for? Or can the name on my BVN be changed or edited

    • You can choose to leave it as it is, or probably make changes to your account name by going to the bank to add the other name to your account name.

      However, make sure that the name arrangement tallies with your bvn name. That is: First Name, Middle Name and your Last Name.

  34. I live outside Nigeria now, I have 3 bank accounts then , I want to change my BVN phone number but couldn’t remember which bank I did my BVN registration, is there a way to know this?

    • You can’t remember the bank you did your bvn?

      The only solution is to contact the three banks, ask that you want to know if you did your bvn in the said bank(s), with that you’ll get to know the bank which you did your bvn.

  35. I done my BVN registration at first bank kust wudil branch now I need to change my phone no to a new one, so how do I proceed to make that happen and do I need to go to any first bank branch in Kano to get it done?

  36. I once change the DOB on my BVN in 2017 and there is a need for me to change it again.i submitted all my supporting documents at first Bank Nigeria for almost three week’s now ,but yet the DOB didn’t change.please what could be the problem

  37. Please mar my I d card maiden name is different from my b v n maiden name .and the phone number on my b v n have lost my bank ask me to obtain an affidavit please what do I do

  38. Hello Missbanker, trust you are good.Thanks for always helping us out.
    I have this neighbor that her daughter applied for some grants, and an account was opened for her, the biometrics were taken and capturing done. Eventually a bvn was created on her behalf using her biometrics unknown to her, and the number used belongs to her mom which already carries a bvn too.
    Now she doesn’t know the bank with which the bvn was registered and she went to open a GTB bank today, in taking her biometrics, the bvn came up, though she denied it.
    Pls how can the mom’s phone number be dissociated from her bvn,
    Is that possible?

    • How is it possible she didn’t know the bank that took her biometrics?

      Again you can’t use two phone numbers for a bvn unless in the case of fraud which can be done in secret.

      The only way she will have to disassociate her mum’s phone number is by going to the bank which she did her bvn.

      Mind you, the bvn details including the biometrics must belong to her, if it didn’t bank will never change the phone number for her.

      I repeat if the details on the said bvn belong to her mother, she cannot dissociate or remove the phone number unless the person whose details is shown on the bvn comes in person to make the ammendment.

  39. Hi missybanker, I want to change my name and date of birth in heritage bank and I have provided them with all they ask for this thing as been taking more than 3 weeks now, I went to the bank more the four-time in the 3 weeks all they say, ‘it is not there problem they have submitted it to the bvn we will call you”

    • Honestly, you need to exercise a bit of patience. Recently I noticed that bvn ammendment is taking some time to update. If it gets more than a month plus one week, go back to the bank and notify them.


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