The Importance Of Atm Machine To Bank Customers

There are serveral importance of atm machine to the bank customers in a society or a given country, as no bank in 2019 doesn’t have an automated teller machine.

It because of the importance of atm to the society that we have it at around our neighborhood or community. Thanks to modern banking and technology, we have the automated teller machine to ease out the stress of cash withdrawal. According to the report, Shepherd-Barron is the real ATM inventor in 1967. He provided the ATM pin number and card ATM design that we use today.

As the automated teller machine plays a vital role in our society today, let’s look at the importance of atm;

Importance of atm(Automated Teller Machine)

Importance of atm

The list goes below;

1. Easy and faster cash withdrawal

The very first importance of atm is easy and faster means of cash withdrawal. You don’t need to head inside the bank, request for withdrawal slip and withdraw your cash NO, but instead go to any atm around you and withdraw your money. This really reduces crowd of bank customers in the banking hall.

2. Reduce Workload on Bankers

Through the atm, you can withdraw cash, check your account balance, request for statement of account, transfer money to another bank etc. With this you don’t need to go to your bank to do that and this same time reduces workload on the bankers with whom you would have requested to help you with that.

3. Helps solving cash problems of unforseen circumstances

This is one major vital role atm plays or one of the major importance of atm in a society. Unforeseen circumstances can come in any time any day , and maybe during weekends which is not banking hours, the only solution to cash withdrawal is the automated teller machine.

4. Easy Cash Payment(importance of atm)

Some companies, hospitals, or stores make provision for the atm machine within their vacinity, this is to provide cash or easy payment to their customers who may have run out of cash. For example, some hospitals have the atm machine inside the compound, this helps people(patients) to have cash readily available for payment than stressing themselves by going outside the hospital.

There are other importance of atm, but right now i will leave it here but if you have more to share with us, we’ll appreciate it thanks.

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