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Pay­pal mon­ey Trans­fer To Bank: The Detailed Guide

Pay­Pal is one of the most pop­u­lar means of receiv­ing mon­ey online, and it has real­ly helped online mar­keters to receive their income. Usu­al­ly, we come up with pay­pal mon­ey trans­fer to bank, even as this time of writ­ing this post, some peo­ple don’t know how to move their earn­ings from Pay­Pal account to their bank account.

To trans­fer Pay­Pal mon­ey to your bank account is an easy thing to do, but please let me tell you that not all coun­tries can do this. And what i mean is that with­draw­ing the mon­ey from their Pay­Pal account to their bank account.

Some coun­tries will make pay­ment through Pay­Pal, receive pay­ment or mon­ey through Pay­Pal, but can’t with­draw it to their bank account.

Rea­son for this i don’t know, but all i can say is that Pay­Pal restrict­ed some coun­tries like Nige­ria from with­draw­ing or trans­fer­ring the mon­ey to their local bank account.

Why I’m say­ing this is for you to be sure that the restric­tion did­n’t affect your coun­try, before try­ing to do pay­pal mon­ey trans­fer to bank. If you’re not affect­ed, then let’s roll on on how do it.

Please before going to the top­ic, i will first go into how to reg­is­ter, make pay­ment and receive mon­ey from your Pay­Pal account.

How to reg­is­ter on Pay­Pal 

Cre­at­ing account for your­self isn’t a dif­fi­cult one as well, all you need to do is to go to their web­site, and which is PayPal.com and cre­ate your account.

Please make sure that your account details are the same with your bank details. What i mean is that the names and date of birth are the same cause on the last step, you will ver­i­fy your bank account.

  • Click on the Pay­Pal link above and click on sign up
  • Choose per­son­al or busi­ness account. I will advise you to select busi­ness account in case tomor­row you may start online mar­ket­ing
  • Next is to pro­vide your email address. Please please please, use a work­ing email address as this is what you will use to receive pay­ment
  • Next page is where you will enter your per­son­al details. So please type every­thing cor­rect­ly with­out mak­ing a mis­take
  • On the busi­ness infor­ma­tion, enter your per­son­al details as well and this also includes your mobile phone num­ber
  • Next page is to talk about your busi­ness page and what type of busi­ness it is
  • Select indi­vid­ual and then select any­thing as cat­e­go­ry and sub­cat­e­go­ry here and pro­ceed you can omit the url option and leave blank and click con­tin­ue
  • Next page is account hold­er infor­ma­tion page where you are required to pro­vide an iden­ti­fi­ca­tion doc­u­ment for ver­i­fi­ca­tion
  • Select your nation­al­i­ty and please make sure that you’ve an ID for it cause you’ll ver­i­fy your iden­ti­ty with it
  • After sub­mit­ting your ID for ver­i­fi­ca­tion, click on con­tin­ue. Next on the screen is a thank you mes­sage for sign­ing up and con­firm­ing your account
  • Head to your mail and ver­i­fy your Pay­Pal account
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After the reg­is­tra­tion and ver­i­fy­ing of your account, you will head to the last step and which is blink­ing your bank account to Pay­Pal.

Go to your Pay­Pal account page, you’ll see a noti­fi­ca­tion on the right cor­ner of your screen, click on it and  you will see con­firm your email address and link and con­firm your cred­it card”. To con­firm your cred­it card, click on the link that sys link and con­firm deb­it or cred­it card.

Next on the screen is NBC where you will type in the cor­rect cred­it or deb­it card details and click con­tin­ue. Imme­di­ate­ly after you click on the con­tin­ue but­ton, your bank deduct a cer­tain sum of mon­ey from your account(usually $3)..

But you need not to pan­ic, the mon­ey will be reversed back to your account with­in three to twen­ty four hours.

Pay­pal mon­ey trans­fer to bank

PayPal money transfer to bank

You have some funds in your account or maybe some­one just trans­ferred the mon­ey, and you want to cash it it right away, this is how to receive Pay­Pal mon­ey trans­fer to your bank account.

First you need to login to your account, you can use their mobile app or web­site.

Look at the top cor­ner of your screen and click on man­age  bal­ance, you will see trans­fer to your bank below your Pay­Pal bal­ance.

Click on the trans­fer to your bank. Next is to select where you’re trans­fer­ring the mon­ey from, and then select to where you’re trans­fer­ring the mon­ey.

Next is to type in the amount you want to trans­fer to your bank and mind you, the min­i­mum amount you can with­draw from Pay­Pal mon­ey trans­fer to bank is $1 while max­i­mum lim­it is $2000 though it depends on the type of account you have with them.

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To check your account lim­its, log in, pro­ceed to your Account Sum­ma­ry page and click See how Much You Can Send With Pay­Pal on the side­bar.

The fol­low­ing page shows the sta­tus of all lim­its on your account, includ­ing the With­draw Mon­ey” lim­it. If you have a con­firmed bank or card, it reads Lim­it Lift­ed.” Oth­er­wise, click Lift Lim­its to pro­vide the nec­es­sary infor­ma­tion to remove the lim­it.

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After enter­ing the amount you want to with­draw to your bank, click trans­fer now and your Pay­Pal mon­ey will be trans­ferred to your bank account.

Note that you it can’t reflex on your account imme­di­ate­ly, usu­al­ly takes one or two days before you can get a noti­fi­ca­tion alert for from your bank on the trans­fer.

To make pay­ment using your Pay­Pal account requires you to have an account with them, fund your account or use the cred­it or deb­it card f ok r the pay­ment.

Usu­al­ly Pay­Pal pay­ment is made to an email account of an own­er, and after­wards the per­son can with­draw or trans­fer the mon­ey to his or her bank account.

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Okay guys this is where i draw the cur­tain and i hope that this post have giv­en you the insight on Pay­Pal mon­ey trans­fer to bank. It has real­ly helped many to receive and to make pay­ment online, though it is not avail­able on all the coun­tries of the world.


2 thoughts on “Pay­pal mon­ey Trans­fer To Bank: The Detailed Guide”

  1. hel­lo can you explain me more about that with­draw to bank option… i have already linked my pre­pared deb­it card but its still ask­ing for bank account before lim­it can be lift­ed pls how i can i link m bank account can u guide me through the steps?


  2. Before link­ing your deb­it card to your Pay­Pal account, did they deb­it­ed N1000 from your bank account? If they did and the mon­ey reversed to your account, it means that you have ver­i­fied your bank account which is linked to the deb­it card.

    Please i want you to know that you can only make pay­ment with your Pay­Pal account but can’t with­draw to your local bank if you’re in Nige­ria. There’s a restric­tion imposed on Nige­ri­ans on Pay­Pal with­draw­al.

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