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How To Trans­fer Mon­ey From Bank To Bank

There are ways which you can trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank, it may through online or offline method of trans­fer. All that we always go for is the best, safest and fastest means of mon­ey trans­fer.

Thanks to elec­tron­ic bank­ing, we got the eas­i­est and stress free method of send­ing funds.

But the ques­tion is how to trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank? 

This ques­tion only involves mon­ey trans­fer through bank, so i will only men­tion the var­i­ous means or ways of send­ing mon­ey from your bank account to anoth­er bank account. This is based on the num­ber of banks and coun­tries that i’ve come across.

How To Trans­fer Mon­ey From Bank To Bank

Let’s look at the very first way or means which you as a bank cus­tomer can trans­fer mon­ey to anoth­er person(bank account) in a dif­fer­ent bank.

1. Trans­fer mon­ey through Online/​ Inter­net Bank­ing 

Transfer money from bank to bank

Most com­mon or will i say that pop­u­lar means of mon­ey trans­fer in this new mod­ern bank­ing era.

Inter­net or online bank­ing only requires you to trans­fer mon­ey from your bank account to anoth­er at your con­ve­nient with­out hav­ing to go to the bank.

All that requires from you is to enroll your­self for your bank inter­net bank­ing, login to your account and send the mon­ey.

Before reg­is­ter­ing for inter­net bank­ing, you must have a bank account and which you can enroll for it. It does­n’t take much of your time to get things done, only takes fif­teen to 20 min­utes and you’re good to go.

When you reg­is­tered for inter­net bank­ing, through the user­name and pass­word that you cre­at­ed, you can use to login to your account. Click on the menu icon and scroll through and you will see send or trans­fer money/​funds.

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Click on the option pro­vid­ed, fill in the details(the recip­i­ent name, bank name and account num­ber) and also the amount you want to trans­fer and sub­mit it.

After few sec­onds or a minute, the recip­i­ent should receive a cred­it alert for the trans­ac­tion.

The above method is when you want to send mon­ey to some­one with­in a your location(country)

2. Trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank through Mobile Bank­ing 

Mobile banking

This also comes in handy with the inter­net bank­ing, as it does and does not require inter­net con­nec­tion. When i say it does require inter­net access is when you’re using a bank mobile app  to trans­fer mon­ey.

When i say it does­n’t require inter­net con­nec­tion is when you’re using a bank mobile ussd code to send mon­ey.

This only requires you to get your bank mobile ussd code(if they have one), dial the num­ber and look for trans­fer, select it and type in the recip­i­ent account num­ber, bank and amount, and final­ly click send.

The mobile app only requires you to down­load the bank mobile app, reg­is­ter or use your inter­net bank­ing account and login, nav­i­gate to trans­fer and com­plete the rate.

The mobile ussd code is the best for me, faster and no need to fear of poor inter­net net­work cov­er­age.

3. Through the Auto­mat­ed teller machine (atm)

How does cardless withdrawal work

If you don’t want to use the first two options above, then you can use the atm method  to trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank.

All required from you is to locate the near­est atm close you, hit the trans­fer but­ton, enter all the details pre­sent­ed to you and click on  the trans­fer or sub­mit but­ton.

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Some banks require a deb­it  or a cred­it card for the trans­ac­tion to go through, and also your pin num­ber too.

The only dif­fer­ence from the two above is that you need to locate an atm whilst the first and sec­ond method above can be trans­act­ed right inside your office, house, beach etc.

4. Through wire trans­fer

First Bank transfer code

Wire trans­fer  is anoth­er method to trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank, which usu­al­ly involves send­ing mon­ey inter­na­tion­al­ly or inter­na­tion­al mon­ey trans­fer.

Through your bank account you can send mon­ey to some­one abroad and the recip­i­ent will receive it with­in one to five busi­ness days.

Just like the atm method of send­ing mon­ey, you don’t need to reg­is­ter if you’re using your bank for a direct trans­fer.

What you need to do is to con­tact your bank, tell them that you want to wire mon­ey to some­one, they give you the details and usu­al­ly is all about the min­i­mum and max­i­mum amount per day.

The recip­i­ent per­son­al bank­ing details which includes the name of the recip­i­ent, name of the bank, the recip­i­ent bank address and bank account, final­ly the swift code or the Ach num­ber.

Note if you’re in the Unit­ed States and wants to wire mon­ey domes­ti­cal­ly, you’ll need a rout­ing num­ber.

You can get that from your bank or if you have a  check­ing account, look at the low­er li left of the check and you will see it.

5. Through non bank finan­cial insti­tu­tion 

Western union money transfer

Non bank finan­cial insti­tu­tions can help you on how to trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank online, they include the West­ern Union, Mon­ey­gram, Ria Mon­ey and even Pay­Pal etc.

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These non bank finan­cial ser­vices can help you to trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank, but only if you linked with them.

For exam­ple using Pay­Pal to trans­fer from  bank to bank, You need to sign up with Pay­Pal, cre­at­ing a user­name and pass­word.

Then you need to link your bank account. Click on Send & Request” and then Link a bank or card.” Pro­vide your bank account details.

  • Click on the Send & Request” tab. You will have to enter the email address or phone num­ber for the per­son who will receive the mon­ey.
  • Enter the amount and trans­ac­tion type.
  • Con­firm your pay­ment details.

Note that mon­ey trans­fer attracts a fee, but when you’re wiring mon­ey to some­one espe­cial­ly out­side your coun­try, you can pay up to $100  or more for it.

First domes­tic mon­ey trans­fer, you may be charged from $2 to $5 per a trans­fer. With this i think i’ve answered your ques­tion can you trans­fer mon­ey from bank to bank and also the meth­ods which you can do it.

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