How to transfer money from zenith bank without atm

In this modern world, there are several means of money transfer, and not just using the atm. This is what i have on this post, how to transfer money from zenith bank without atm.

This is the best method of money transfer, especially if it is not international that is sending money abroad.

In this modern day banking, banking services have been so fantastic and easy, thanks to the growth and development in technology.

Technology has really helped us and not just in the banking sector, but every aspect of life.

You can’t imagine back in the days when we do money transfer through the post office, and later later years through the bank by lining up on queues.

By 2050, i don’t think that that there will be queues of people making money deposits.

We are heading towards cashless economy and it will definitely stop people from carrying money about.

So guys, on this post i will be showing you the various methods which i use to transfer money from zenith bank to another bank without using the atm.

How to transfer money from zenith bank without atm

The methods i’ve are three in number, which are the zenith internet or online banking, the zenith mobile banking, and the *966# ussd code.

These are currently the best me of money transfer if you’re using zenith bank.

1. Transfer Money Via Internet Banking

The best i must say of all the three methods of which you can transfer money from zenith bank without atm.

Reason is that it gives a high amount of transfer per day.

You can transfer up to N1,000,000 using the zenith bank internet banking, which is not possible with other methods including the atm itself.

However, you can transfer up to N1,000,000 if you have Zenith bank token hardware with you.

For those that have a corporate account, can transfer more than N5,000,000 per day using the zenith token hardware.

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This is why i always recommend that you get one for yourself.

Again, if you haven’t enrolled for Zenith bank internet banking, please you should do that cause it is very helpful.

To transfer money from zenith bank using the internet banking, go the page and login using your username and password.

On the left option menu, tap on it and you’ll see transfer fund, tap and key in the recipient account number, followed by the bank name with your pin or token generated. 

2. Transfer Money Using Mobile Banking

You can easily transfer money from zenith bank without atm the mobile banking.

When i say mobile banking, i mean to say using zenith bank app to send money from your account to another person.

It works exactly like the internet banking just that it is mobile app and available to android and ios users.

Very similar to internet banking that you will also have to register your account on the app.

You don’t have to register by going to the bank, NO!

You can register in your house, office, workplace or anywhere you find yourself.

What it requires from you is just your account number, email address and your phone number. Make sure these three are available before you can proceed with the registration.

This wouldn’t take you 20 minutes and you’re good to go.

Having registered your account with the zenith bank mobile banking, next start using the app to transfer money, pay bills or subscription like dstv and gotv, buy airtime or data plus other services.

To transfer money from zenith bank using their mobile app, open it and tap on the left option menu, you will see send money.

Tap on it, followed by the recipient account number and bank name. Just follow the instruction given to and make your transfer.

The maximum amount that you can transfer in a day using the mobile app is N500,000 but with token, you can transfer up to N3,000,000 in a day. Learn how to activate the zenith bank token hardware

3. Transfer money using zenith bank transfer code *966#

How to transfer money from zenith bank without atm

This is the last method on how to transfer money from zenith bank without atm. This is the most popular and commonly used by all Zenith bank customers and popularly called zenity bank transfer code. 

Most people don’t seem to know about the internet banking, and worst is the mobile app, they only know about the *966# ussd money transfer code.

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This undoubtedly is the fastest and somehow the best cause it doesn’t require internet connection like the two methods above, but it has limitations.

You can’t transfer more than N20,000 without using your atm card.

You have to type in the last six digits of your atm in order to transfer from 20k and above, with the daily limit being N100,000.

Last three months, zenith made an announcement that you can transfer up to N3,000,000 using their *966#, but you must have a token hardware.

The zenith token hardware costs N3500 and can only be purchased in the bank.

The token hardware adds extra security compared to when you’re using your registered pin number.

Let me show you how to transfer money from zenith bank with *966# ussd code.

First, you have to register or will i say create a pin number for it

How to register/create zenith bank pin

To register or create pin for zenith bank *966*00# ussd code, dial the code, select the second option that states create pin. While doing this, make sure you’ve your debit card (atm card) beside you.

It will ask you to type in the last four digit of your atm card, pick up your atm and count backwards till you get the last four digit.

Type in the numbers, and click submit. Next page will display your Account Name and you will be prompted to create a 4 digit PIN.

Type in your preferred pin number to use for the *966# ussd code.

If you like use your atm pin or create a new one, but wouldn’t advise you to use a serial number like 1234 or 7890.

Kindly confirm the 4 digit PIN and if successful, you will get a message “ Retrieving your balance”.

You will receive an SMS with the balances on all your accounts.

Having created zenith bank transfer pin, you’re good to use thr features on the ussd code.

How to open account on zenith bank

Simply dial *966*0# and follow the onscreen prompts.

An account number will be created automatically and sent to you via SMS. But note that you’ve to complete the account creation by going to the bank.

How to check zenith bank account balance

To check your zenith bank account balance really got easy, dial *966*00# on your mobile phone and follow the on-screen prompts.

Note that checking your zenith bank account balance attracts a fee of N15 per once.

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However, in order to avoid giving zenith bank N15 for account balance checking, use the mobile app or the internet banking.

Immediately you open your page or the app, your account balance and number is displayed on your screen.

How to transfer money from zenith bank using *966# ussd code

To transfer money from zenith bank to another bank using the transfer code, dial *966*Amount*Account Number# on your mobile phone and follow up.

This attracts a fee of N52 per once, the same with internet and mobile banking, except for the corporate account owners that transfers huge amount of money per day.

How to buy airtime from zenith

This is just simple, dial *966*Amount*Mobile Number# on your mobile phone.

For example *966*500*08025633233#. Same goes with buying internet data plan for yourself or another number.

Buying airtime doesn’t attract any fee or charges like the others.

Other things that you can do using the *966# is updating your bvn number. To do that, dial *966*BVN# to update your Bank Verification Number (BVN) using the number associated with your Zenith Bank account.

Others include block your zenith atm card by dialing *966*60# and select option 6, for cardless withdrawal dial *966*60# and select the option.

If you’re looking for how to transfer money from zenith bank through phone, the three methods are for you including the internet banking.

Advantages of using internet or mobile banking over ussd code

  • Able to transfer up to N1,000,000 without token hardware or N3,000,000 using the token hardware
  • Able to request and print your zenith bank statement of account, which the ussd cannot do
  • View your account details like account number, account balance, bvn number without paying N15 fee, while using *966# attract such fee
  • The internet or mobile banking is more flexible with lot’s of features compared to the ussd code

If you want to transfer money from zenith bank to another bank that is not in Nigeria (abroad) you better try get a domiciliary account.

You can do that with your naira savings or current account or use western union.

Note that zenith bank have stopped using moneygram for receiving or paying money, this is as at 25/09/2019

These are the methods i have for you on how to transfer money from zenith bank without atm or using the automated teller machine. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to ask.

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