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Early may bank holiday UK

When’s May Bank Hol­i­day 2020 In UK

As 2019 is fast mov­ing to the end, we are almost enter­ing in the next year which is 2020, with bank hol­i­days involved, May bank hol­i­days 2020 as usu­al will be done two time, the first which is on Fri­day and the oth­er on Mon­day.

In the UK, the first Mon­day in the month of May is called the May day in Eng­land, Wales and Ire­land. In Scot­land, it is known as the Ear­ly May Bank Hol­i­day.

The ear­ly May bank hol­i­day is a nation­al hol­i­day, which effects the gen­er­al pop­u­la­tion in the Unit­ed King­dom like schools, busi­ness or orga­ni­za­tions etc.

May Day has been an offi­cial pub­lic hol­i­day all across the UK since 1978 when pro­vi­sions were made for it in the Bank­ing and Finan­cial Deal­ings Act. Pri­or to that time, it was a hol­i­day only in Scot­land. It has been marked and cel­e­brat­ed since ancient times and is a time of fun and fes­tiv­i­ties in many loca­tions across the nation.

Ear­ly May Bank Hol­i­day 2020

Early may bank holiday UK

There is a change on the day of the next year’s bank hol­i­day, which the first bank hol­i­days 2020 will be on fri­day May 8thand this coin­cide with Vic­to­ry in Europe Day, or VE Day, which marks the 75th anniver­sary of the for­mal end of World War II.

How­ev­er, this is the first time the bank hol­i­day is moved, it hap­pened in 1995, to com­mem­o­rate the 50th VE Day. The new bank hol­i­day date will form part of a three-day week­end of com­mem­o­ra­tive events. More than 20,000 pubs will encour­age drinkers to toast the heroes of the war while church­es will take part in a Ring­ing Out For Peace.

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The two ear­ly bank hol­i­days are;

  • 8th May 2020 which is on a Fri­day (VE day)
  • 25th May 2020 which is on a Mon­day (
    Spring bank hol­i­day)

If you are ask­ing or asked when’s may bank hol­i­days in 2020, the answer is on the 8th and 25th of May.

Aside from the Ear­ly bank hol­i­days, there are also up to six hol­i­days in the Unit­ed King­dom in 2020, and the are;

UK Bank Hol­i­days 2020 
1 Jan­u­aryWednes­dayNew Year’s Day
10 AprilFri­dayGood Fri­day
13 AprilMon­dayEast­er Mon­day
8 MayFri­dayEar­ly May bank hol­i­day (VE day)
25 MayMon­daySpring bank hol­i­day
31 AugustMon­daySum­mer bank hol­i­day
25 Decem­berFri­dayChrist­mas Day
28 Decem­berMon­dayBox­ing Day (sub­sti­tute day)

On the dates writ­ten sub­sti­tute day”, it means that a bank hol­i­day falls on a week­end, and to observe it, it will be moved to the first day in a week­day which is usu­al­ly on Mon­day. For exam­ple 2021 christ­mas day is on a Sat­ur­day week­end, a bank hol­i­day for the Christ­mas day, will be moved to a week­day usu­al­ly on Mon­day.

Please note that as this year’s ear­ly may bank hol­i­day 2020 is on Fri­day 8th of May and Mon­day 25th of May, 2021, both of them will be on a Mon­day which is 3rd of May and 31st of May.

In the May bank hol­i­day or any oth­er nation­al hol­i­day, work­ers don’t have an auto­mat­ic right to paid leave on bank and pub­lic hol­i­days in the UK, though most full-time work­ers receive a paid day off work, and casu­al work­ers receive pay at high­er penal­ty rates.

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Nation­al Bank Hol­i­days Today

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Again please note that the May bank hol­i­days are observed on every first Mon­day in the month of May and also every last Mon­day in the month of May respec­tive­ly.

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