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Zelle Daily Limit Of Banks In 2020 (Zelle Daily Send Limit)

Zelle pay is now one of best means of sending and receiving money to one’s bank account, but the question is what is zelle daily limit. This usually differ from bank to bank, and this post will guide through on the daily send or transfer limit.

Zelle is a payment processing network, used in the United States, for good convenient and faster means of sending and receiving money.

Almost all the financial institutions have adopted zelle as one of their means of sending and receiving money, but there’s zelle daily limit attached to it. For example, wells fargo zelle daily limit is $2500 and chase bank is $200 per day.

Having said that so far, up to eight financial institutions are making use of the zelle pay network, they are as follows.

  • Bank of america
  • Jp Morgan Chase bank
  • Wells Fargo
  • Capital one
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Ally bank
  • PNC
  • US Bank

Zelle daily limit by banks

zelle daily limit

So below are the the zelle daily send limit by banks and which includes bank of america, wells fargo, chase etc.

1. Wells fargo zelle daily limit

You can use zelle pay on wells fargo checking and savings accounts, and after you’ve enrolled for their internet banking.

To use zelle on wells fargo, sign in to your online banking account, click on the Send Money with Zelle button, and accept the transfer services notice.

Add the recipient that you’re sending the money to, and also the amount that you’re sending. Review it for the last time and tap the send button.

If you successfully sent the money to the recipient, the recipient will be notified of the payment, and the money will be deposited into their designated account.

What is wells fargo zelle daily limit? You can only be able to receive or send money up to $2,500 in a day, but only limited to a maximum of $20,000 in a month (30 days).

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2. Chase bank zelle daily transfer limit

To use chase bank to send or receive money through zelle, you have to sign in to Chase bank website, using your account details.

On the menu, tap on the chase QuickPay with Zelle” from the “Pay & transfer”. Accept the service agreement and privacy Notice.

Kindly verify your email address or mobile phone number via the one-time code that Chase bank will send to you on your phone number.

You will select either checking account or the Chase Liquid card you wish to use to make your Chase QuickPay with Zelle payment.

After you’ve completed all the steps above, you’re good to go. You can now request, receive and send money using your chase bank account via zelle pay.

On the chase bank mobile banking, sign in to your account, on the navigation tab, select send money and tap on the QuickPay with Zelle button.

Select your recipient and you can also add new recipient to your account. Type in the amount you want to send and you’ve the option to review for the last time. After that, tap on the send money button.

Zelle daily limit for chase bank are as follows;

For chase bank personal Chase checking accounts or Chase Liquid cards, you can send up to $2,000 in a single transaction. You can also send up to $2,000 in a day and $16,000 in a calendar month.

For Chase Private Client or Private Banking client accounts, you can send up to $5,000 in a single transaction, and up to $5,000 a day.

You have a maximum of $40,000 to send or receive in a calendar month.

For Chase business checking accounts, you can send up to $5,000 in a single transaction, and up to $5,000 a day. You also have $40,000 maximumaamount to send in a calendar month.

3. Bank of America zelle daily send limit

To send money with your bank of america account using zelle, simply sign in on the BOA mobile app.

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Tap on the transfer button and select zelle and click on send, select or add the recipient. Please for better and convenient way, i will advise you to first add your recipients on your online banking account.

Having entered or selected the recipient, type in the amount you want to transfer and select the account you want to use for the money transfer.

To recieve money from bank of america through zelle, sign in to the BOA mobile app and tap on transfer/zelle. Then tap on the settings or the setup button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Add the email address or the mobile phone number the sender used when sending the money to you, finally check your mail box or phone number for otp code.

Bank of america zelle daily limit is $2500, while you can send Up to $20,000 in a month.

4. Citibank

For citibank, if you Basic and Access accounts, you can send up to $1,000 in a day. For those with Citi Priority, Citigold, and Citi Private Bank accounts, you have up to $1,000 to send in a day.

The above are for citibank account holders whose account is less than three months (90 days). For those whose account is more than three days;

For those with the Basic and Access accounts, you have up to $2,000 zelle daily limit.

For the Citi Priority, Citigold, and Citi Private accounts holders, you have up to $5000 zelle daily send limit.

Citibank gives a maximum monthly limit of $5000 to $15000, depending on the type of account you’ve with the bank.

5. TD Bank

TD bank zelle daily limit is quite different, you can send up to $1000 in a day and $3500 in three days. This is what other banks don’t offer, you have a daily and monthly limit.

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TD bank monthly zelle limit is from $5000 to $10000 in a month.

6. Capital one zelle daily transfer limit

For those using capital one via zelle to send money, you have a maximum of $2000 per day and $10000 per month limit on any type of account you’ve with the bank.

Other banks includes the likes of PNC, which gives a maximum of $1000 zelle daily limit and monthly transfer limit of $5000.

Ally bank only gives a maximum amount of $500 per day via zelle and $10000 per month. US Bank gives two thousand five hundred dollars daily limit and ten thousand dollars monthly limit.

As at January 2020, there’s no fee attached to zelle money transfer, though it depends on the bank you’re using for the transfer.

Zelle doesn’t charge any fees for its service, but you are limited to using savings, checking, and debit card accounts to send and receive money.

You don’t need to worry about how fast is sending money with zelle is, i tell you that it is thr fastest i’ve seen so far, even better than PayPal and others.

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So far, these are the zelle daily limit, but generally, you can get a maximum limit of $1000 in a day. If you have other banks that works with zelle network, please kindly send us their limit thanks.

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